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山东动物园狼舍惊现二哈 园方:狼尊敬它(双语)山东动物园狼舍惊现二哈 园方:狼尊敬它(双语)


  A zoo in eastern China's Shandong province has admitted to keeping a wounded husky dog in a populated wolf den, arguing that the dog was "respected" by the wolves, though it was initially introduced to "create more fun" for tourists.


  Dezhou Zoo received public criticism when a tourist uploaded a video clip of the dog on Sina Weibo on Nov. 7. In the video,www.s88.com, the crippled canine, resembling a Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute, could be seen with a number of wolves.


  The tourist wrote in an accompanying post that the animal's leg had been bitten, which is what caused its wound. The post soon attracted many eyes, and has received 8,000 reposts as of press time.


  More than a dozen wolves live in the den, and the dog appeared to be living peacefully among the wolves. According to a zookeeper, the animal is a husky-wolf hybrid. It could be considered either a dog or a wolf but experts' appraisal would still be needed, local news portal Iqilu.com reported.

  A zoo manager surnamed Xia told the news portal that the dog has been isolated from the wolves after becoming wounded. It is now in recovery after treatment.


  "It is true that we keep a Siberian husky in our wolf den, and the dog was introduced to the zoo along with the wolves to create more fun for tourists. The dog is also respected among the wolves," the zoo later said in a Nov. 9 statement, adding that the husky has lived peacefully with the wolves for more than two months.


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